The media world stood still this week with drool running down its face as Donald Trump’s favorite supporters, the women of America, donned their trucker hats (and not much else) and took to Twitter to boldy show their support with #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet! We have collected the best of the best all in one place for your viewing pleasure. Whether you are a Trump supporter or not these girls will have you voting yes all day. All you have to do is click next.

There’s no doubting who this bootyful pair support with their Make America Great Again caps. Sorry, we couldn’t find a GIF of them running, rumps jiggling, down the beach. But you can use your imagination!

“My eyes are up…oh, forget it!” We’ll do anything to “make America great again” if she remains a loyal citizen!

We’re not sure what this babe used to paint her rack but we’d lick it off whether it was frosting or whiteout! Too graphic? Nah…we didn’t think so either.

Trump wishes he was that cooler. Hell, so do we! In fact, we might just need to climb in to cool off. Anyone else breaking a sweat?

Trump’s no stranger to wet t-shirt competitions and neither is this well-endowed lovely lady. She likes to show her support by plastering Team Trump across her tight, wet…t-shirt.

Her sign sounds more like a demand that encouragement. But if we were Trump, we’d be on our knees shouting “Yes ma’am!” with tears of adoration streaming down our face!

Trump’s no stranger to wet t-shirt competitions and neither is this well-endowed lovely lady. She likes to show her support by plastering Team Trump across her tight, wet…t-shirt.

We know what you’re thinking, who the hell got the privilege of scrawling all that one her delicious buns?! It wasn’t us and we’re jealous too, but hey…maybe she’ll need some help rubbing it off! After all, her left cheek might be supporting Trump, but isn’t that a nice little invitation on the right?

Nothing like a bit of light reading when you’re on vacation. From the looks of that book, Trump is too busy soaking up the the ‘view’ to even notice her avid support!

It might have been captioned ‘Sleep Tight’ but we’re pretty sure she’s not doing much sleeping. We’re hoping the “tight” part still stands though. Like something else that’s standing right now!

At first we thought she might be waiting for her boring boyfriend to switch off the news and go get some, but when she posted this to the Trump Babes feed we started to get a different feeling…a couple actually…one of them hard to suppress.

The Yeti coolers seem to get more actions than us! This bevy of beauties decided to show their strong support for Trump is the best of ways…some might call it candid. We have other terms we like to use.

“Her cap shuddered in the breeze and her bikini slipped gently between her buns as she gazed out across the deep blue ocean imagining all the ways in which Donald Trump – her hero – would make America great again.” -Anon 😉

This little number graced Twitter with her ‘Make America Great Again’ snap and you’re probably finding it hard to click ‘Next’. But believe us, it’s worth it…go on…click…

Told you it was worth it! The Trump-lovin’ girls so smokin’, we’re not sure how they’re not melting the snow! Just goes to show good ol’ Donnie’s got fans all over in climates both cold and warm. Speaking of warm…

The ever-generous BabesForTrump blessed us with this beautiful picture from sunny Florida. We’re thinking maybe it’s time for a little vacation. Wanna come?

The Yeti strikes again, and it looks like maybe this girly got her inspiration from that big sticker on the back. Regardless, we’re  pretty sure she’s starting to convince us to support Trump alongside her…or on top…or however the heck she likes it!

We’re desperately trying to keep our focus on that matching pair of lovely red hats proclaiming these beautiful ladies’ support for Donald Trump, but there’s just something distracting about this photo.

Trump might be trying to make America great again, but we thing its pretty damn awesome already since is so chock full of these amazingly attractive girls!

We have no idea where she got these undies but they fit like a glove. Lawdy, lawd, if that’s a Trump rump we’re in!

For some reason Trump girls just love to hang out at the beach. Not that we’re complaining since we, like the magnificent Mr. Trump himself, are rather fond of swimwear…and the beings that model it!

If Trump got shipwrecked, we’re pretty sure he’d want to wash up on this beach right here. As far as we can tell, they might not be lifeguards but they’d sure as hell get our hearts thumping again if we drowned!

This gorgeous girl decided to show us that you don’t necessarily need a beach and a sunny day to get your bikini on and show us who you’re voting for! We just wish there was a little more to this tantalizing shot!

Good lord! Mysterious dark features, piercing blue eyes and so, so…so much more! And she’s truly ready for Trump to take on the White House!

With more and more news about Hillary’s scandalous past decision come out, Trump supporters are getting serious. We just wish they’d all do it in the way this fantasy of a woman did!

Dying for more? Well we do recommend hitting up the BabesForTrump Twitter page, but not before you check out more jaw-dropping beauties right here on PeekWorthy. Go on, take a Peek!