As millions of fans eagerly await what is arguably one of the most highly anticipated films of all time, very few pieces of information about ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ have been made public. The following is a list of what we know to be true, and what might be true based on leaked photos and rumors.

Official Poster

Official Poster

Most notably the poster features an ominous planet / weapon that closely resembles the Death Star we’ve come to know in earlier films. It also features a montage of characters old and new. How they all fit together in the latest installment of the Star Wars saga is very much a mystery.

Vader’s dark Legacy lives on

Vader's dark Legacy lives on

Kylo Ren, the film’s primary antagonist is shown in the official trailer with the remains of Darth Vader’s helmet promising to “finish what he started”. Apparently he’s not aware that Vader ultimately betrayed the Emperor in a heroic act for the greater good of a galaxy far far away.

The Rebel’s won the battle, but maybe lost the war

The Rebel's won the battle, but maybe lost the war

‘The Force Awakens’ has officially been said to take place 30 years after ‘Return of the Jedi’ which culminated in the destruction of the second Death star. However, based on images from the official previews it seems like the empire is alive and well.

Luke Skywalker’s role is a giant mystery

Luke Skywalker's role is a giant mystery

This is the only leaked photo that exists of the Jedi during film production. However, Luke is absent from the official poster and has yet to be seen in any trailers. That being said, if he does show up in ‘The Force Awakens’ it will likely not be for a trivial purpose.

Andy Serkis plays someone very scary

Andy Serkis plays someone very scary

Serkis is credited for portraying the role of Supreme Leader Snoke. What exactly his role is and what he looks like is something that fans likely won’t learn until December 18th.

The movie was written and directed by Hollywood wonder kid J.J. Abrams

The movie was written and directed by Hollywood wonder kid J.J. Abrams

Abram’s, whose credits include LOST, Star Trek, Super 8 and Alias is looking to cement himself as a Hollywood legend with the release of Episode VII. If things go badly he’ll probably take more heat than Jar-Jar Binks… Wait a second does J.J. stand for Jar-Jar?

Half the cast is legendary… the other half you’ve never heard of

Half the cast is legendary... the other half you've never heard of

The little known actress Daisy Ridley stars as ‘Rey’ in the new film. Apparently her last name has some sort of significance which is why you have to wait until you see the film to find out what it is.

For some reason C-3PO’s arm is now red…

For some reason C-3PO's arm is now red...

Even though he was completely torn apart and re-assembled in the original trilogy, SOMETHING happened to him that required his entire arm to be replaced.

Lightsaber technology has evolved

Lightsaber technology has evolved

This shot taken from the very first teaser sent star wars fans in a tailspin, but not because they “loved the new design”. Instead everyone thought it would be pretty easy to just cut off the extra blades at the hilt. They have a point.

The film’s lead, Finn, seems to have defected from the Empire

The film's lead, Finn, seems to have defected from the Empire

Finn (whose last name has also been withheld by creators) appears in both Storm Trooper and Rebel Alliance uniforms… not to mention he wields a blue light saber in the film’s second teaser.

There’s a new Star Destroyer and it’s name is super creepy….

There's a new Star Destroyer and it's name is super creepy....

Meet the ‘Finalizer’, the latest addition to the prestigious fleet of Star Wars bad guy spaceships.

A new droid is joining the cast of characters

A new droid is joining the cast of characters

Dubbed “BB-8”, this lovable new addition to the Star Wars family will likely carry close ties with the film’s protagonists similar to R2-D2 in the original films.