Bill Clinton

America’s Presidents have filled our history books with scandals but here are some peek-worthy presidential moments you’ve forgotten all about!

8. James Garfield

James Garfield was a total sex addict! In his younger years he was fascinated with masturbation, homosexuality and other scandalous issues. Despite this obsession, he married an asexual! Garfield and Lucretia Rudolph were engaged in 1854, but the President couldn’t stand having his temptations unfulfilled so he got into bed with his friend, Rancie Sellek, in an affair that lasted almost five years.\

7. Dwight D. Eisenhower

More commonly known for his huge success as Supreme Commander during WWII, Eisenhower’s military career took his hundreds of miles away from his wife, Mamie. Like many military men, separated for such long periods of time from their wives and partners, Eisenhower couldn’t help but get into a scandalous little affair, the news of which managed to travel all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Washington D.C.

6. Woodrow Wilson

In the late 1800s, one Ellen Axon stole Wilsons heart and the two were married. Despite being an incredibly intelligent and gifted women herself, Ellen’s family had a history of mental illness. Her father committed suicide while in a mental hospital and her brother, following the death of his wife and son in an accident, fell into a dark depression. With his wife taking care of her brother, Woodrow was unhappy with the lack of attention and left on a trip to Bermuda where he met and began an affair with Mary Peck.

5. Grover Cleveland

President Grover already had a past riddled with scandal when he wed Frances Folsom. The marriage was such a big deal because Folsom was almost 30 years his junior and had been her legal ward since she was just a little girl. Creepy, huh?

4. Lyndon Johnson

“My husband loved people. He loved all people. Now, half the people in the world are women. You don’t think I could have kept my husband away from half the people in the world, do you?” It’s safe to say that Lady Bird knew her husband well and you guess just how faithfully he was (or wasn’t).

3. George H.W. Bush

Years of rumors passed by about Bush Sr.’s extra-curricular activities with his political aide, Jennifer Fitzgerald. Finally, in 1988, Fitzgerald spoke up and allegedly told all to the LA Weekly.

2. FDR And Eleanor Roosevelt

Think Franklin Roosevelt’s scandalous love life is old news by now? Think again! Sure, everyone knows ol’ Frankie was unfaithful, but the truth is, at one time there may or may not have been two mistresses living in the White House…and only one of these belonged to Franklin!

1. James Buchanan

Since it didn’t happen during his time as President, a little known fact about Buchanan’s life is that he was once engaged to a rich heiress, Anne. Just a few days after their engagement was ended, Anne passed away. The family blamed Buchanan for Anne’s death claiming that he had been involved with other women when they were together.

With yet another presidential race going on, we’re waiting eagerly to see what kind of skeletons are hiding in the latest candidates’ closets! Until then, check out what we already know!