Can Cats Have Banana Bread? [Ingredient Breakdown]


With the climate getting colder and the vacation season coming, my candy tooth has been on full-blast.

I’ve been craving cake, cake and extra cake, however not your common chocolate cake. No! I need a banana cake!

There’s one thing to a banana cake that actually hits the spot, particularly when you’re somebody who doesn’t have that huge of a candy tooth.

Every so usually, once we are consuming, one of many cats turns into curious and needs to take a giant whiff of what we’re consuming. If one of many cats feels naughty sufficient, they are going to 

It’s a fairly well-known indisputable fact that cats shouldn’t have chocolate, however not as many individuals know whether or not or not cats ought to have bananas.

In a earlier article, I coated whether or not or not bananas are poisonous in direction of cats, and we found that they don’t seem to be, however you’d nonetheless wish to restrict the quantity of banana your cat receives.

The factor is, banana bread doesn’t simply have bananas. There are many extra substances inside that may probably be dangerous to cats, so let’s break down what a typical recipe for banana bread is and whether or not or not it will be acceptable for a cat to eat.


Sugar is an ingredient that’s no good for people, not to mention good for cats.

Similar to many different non-meat substances and meals, cats can’t correctly digest sugar.

Not solely is sugar very troublesome for cats to digest, however it will possibly additionally result in the event of diabetes, weight problems and different health-related issues.

It is strongly advisable by all vets that you just hold cats away from sweets and sugars, and honestly your cat received’t thoughts. Since cats are unable to style candy it’s believed that cats are merely drawn to the feel of sweets slightly than the precise style of the meals.

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We’re going to place all of those into the identical class, particularly as a result of all of them have very comparable solutions.

Flour, baking soda, and baking powder are thought-about secure for cats so long as they don’t seem to be fed uncooked or fed in massive portions.

Although thought-about secure, all three of those substances usually are not thought-about to be acceptable to feed cats. 

Feeding an excessive amount of flour baking soda or baking powder, particularly uncooked, may cause a cat’s abdomen to turn into upset and will result in vomiting or diarrhea. 

As a baked good, generally these three substances don’t trigger any hurt. Again, that is provided that they’re fed differ sparingly.


Wheat is an ingredient that’s shockingly present in a wide range of cat meals.

Although wheat and grains can generally be present in cat meals, they’re thought-about to be fillers and are advisable to keep away from.

Similarly to the substances above, wheat can’t be correctly digested in massive portions and will even alter the pH of your cat’s abdomen acid. 

Many high-quality cat meals have been veering away from utilizing fillers akin to wheat, oats, grains, and so on. in hopes of making a extra pure feline weight loss program.

Wheat shouldn’t trigger your cat to turn into in poor health if fed small quantities, nevertheless, if fed in massive portions wheat may cause abdomen upset, vomiting, diarrhea, and even gastrointestinal issues.


Eggs are extraordinarily helpful to cats as a result of the truth that they comprise a great deal of amino acids. Some vets have even gone so far as calling eggs a superfood. 

Eggs ought to by no means be fed to your cat uncooked and may solely be fed scrambled to your cat as a deal with, substitute meal or snack.

As is with something to do with weight loss program, it’s extremely advisable that you just seek the advice of a vet about whether or not or not it’s ultimate in your cat.

Some cats could have to must keep away from sure meals or would require particular meals as a result of an underlying well being situation.

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While a little bit of olive oil can assist a cat out, the quantity of oil inside a banana cake shouldn’t be appreciable sufficient to be thought-about helpful.

Since there isn’t going to be loads of oil, chances are high it’s not going to trigger any hurt to your cat.

The following is every part it’s good to learn about olive oil and cats.


In the previous, we’ve coated whether or not cats can have soy milk and almond milk, however I’m shocked I haven’t talked about whether or not they can have butter! 

To catch these of you up who could not know, cats are in truth lactose illiberal. Though we’ve seen commercials of cats lapping up bowls of milk, milk shouldn’t be thought-about to be wholesome or secure for cats.

Though chances are you’ll assume that butter would comprise a wholesome quantity of lactose, you’d be shocked to listen to that it doesn’t. 

Now, although butter doesn’t have a complete lot of lactose, this can be very excessive in fats and will trigger weight problems if overfed.

Again, much like the substances above, chances are high your cat might be high-quality if fed a really small portion of the bread.


Salt may be high-quality for cats sparsely.

If cats are fed an extreme quantity of salt it’ll trigger them to turn into extra thirsty and will trigger them to excessively urinate. Excessive quantities of salt may additionally result in toxicity, which can trigger your cat to vomit or have diarrhea.

In instances of toxicity, it’s severely vital that you just take your cat to the vet as it’ll require IV fluids.

Cats who’re expertise results of toxicity may additionally exhibit tremors, fevers, seizures and even dying.

Now, as a result of there isn’t going to be that a lot salt within the banana bread, this can unlikely happen, nevertheless, it’s essential to know how a lot of an impact salt can have on a cat.

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I’ve just lately been made conscious of walnuts and the way tasty they’re. 

My companion all the time makes positive that at any time when he makes any baked items all the time so as to add some nuts in it, certainly one of his favourites being walnuts.

The unlucky fact of this tasty nut is that it isn’t thought-about secure for cats to eat in any regard.

The ASPCA classifies walnuts as non-toxic towards cats, although walnuts are non-toxic the ASPCA additionally locations them on the checklist of foods to never feed to your pets.

The predominant motive the ASPCA classifies walnuts as a sort of meals you need to by no means feed your cat is that walnuts comprise excessive quantities of fats.

Cats who eat an excessive amount of fats in a single sitting could get an upset abdomen. If a cat turns into too nauseous the cat will start vomiting and/or having diarrhea. 

It is finest to watch your cat when you suspect that they’ve eaten Walnuts as if both of those signs continues all through the day it’s pressing that you just take your cat to the vet.

If cats often eat meals which might be excessive in fat they could develop pancreatitis. 

Now, if a cat solely a small portion of walnut there is no such thing as a have to name for alarm. Simply monitor your cat for behaviour adjustments however generally, your cat must be high-quality.


As a complete, it looks like cats must be high-quality consuming banana bread so long as the cats usually are not fed a big amount. 

It is finest that you don’t feed your cat banana bread often as it will possibly result in weight problems, diabetes and or different longterm well being issues.

I nonetheless strongly suggest staying away from feeding your cat banana bread, particularly as a result of there are some significantly better treats on the market you’ll be able to present your cat.

So, in case your cat has been a bit naughty and took a chunk of your banana bread, there must be no fear, although it’s nonetheless advisable that you just hold a really shut eye on them.

If you think that your cat is in poor health or they’ve steady diarrhea or vomiting seek the advice of a vet instantly. 

Has your cat ever eaten banana bread? Did they prefer it? What’s your cat’s favorite meals? Let me know within the feedback beneath!

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