AVMA House of Delegates Approves Revised Cat DeClaw Policy


After considered debate and disagreement, the American Veterinary Medical Association Winter House of Delegates now approved a revised version of this AVMA policy on declawing of domestic cats. 

The revision abbreviated and simplified the language from the file. The core meaning and objective of this coverage are unchanged. The brand new policy reads as follows:

The AVMA discourages the declawing (onychectomy) of cats within an optional procedure and supports nonsurgical alternatives to the process. The AVMA respects the vet’s right to use professional judgment when determining how to best protect their unique patients’ health and wellbeing. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon the vet to advise the proprietor concerning the natural scratching behaviour of cats, the options to operation, in addition to the facts of the process itself and following possible complications. Onychectomy is a surgical amputation and when done, multi-modal perioperative pain control has to be used.

What does the new declawing policy imply?

Though the speech has been revised, its content is basically the Exact Same:

  • The AVMA doesn’t support regular declawing.
  • Declawing must only be undertaken when it’s medically required, or if choices to get rid of harmful or harmful scratching have neglected and the kitty is going to be relinquished or abandoned.
  • Veterinarians and cat owners should work together to make a determination that will offer optimum health and wellbeing for their furry friend and loved ones.
  • Veterinarians are recommended to completely educate cat owners about ordinary scratching behaviors of cats and supply support as their customers investigate and implement alternatives to declawing. These contain nail trimming, supplying an assortment of scratching surfaces, along with positive reinforcement training.

The AVMA provides tools to help with customer education and also the decision-making procedure at avma.org/declaw.

It is essential to be aware that AVMA professional coverages have been examined regularly every five decades. The coverage on declawing of national cats was reviewed in 2014, also this upgrade happened within their normal review program.

Some delegates noted while the coverage doesn’t go so much as the American Association of Feline Practitioners for instance, it’s a powerful step in the ideal direction. Other delegates also noted that public opinion has shifted and while the patient vet is in the position to ascertain what will be best for the individual patient, this revised coverage is much required.

The HOD accepted the revised coverage through its normal winter semester in the Veterinary Leadership Conference at Chicago, along with also the HOD’s meeting agenda carries a URL to the language in the preceding coverage.



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