DJ Qualls Reveals His Sexuality In New Social Media Post


Following his appearence on The Jim Jeffries Show, on Comedy Central, that the 41-year old celebrity, DJ Qualls, revealed he is homosexual. The actor most famous for his characters at Road Trip and The Core took to his own Twitter accounts on Saturday to show the information.

Qualls stated on his Twitter accounts, “Yep, I’m gay. Been gay this whole time.” DJ Qualls went on to mention he was tired of fretting about how individuals would comprehend him, adding that it was a fantastic panic of his to see his own livelihood adversely affected.

Daniel Joseph, also called DJ Qualls, first acquired the part from the 2000 humor, Road Trip, as the timid virgin, Kyle Edwards, who moves out to the world with a number of his buddies to receive their hands on a s*x-tape which has been wrongly sent to one of their man’s girlfriends.

The celebrity’s Internet Movie Data Base page also lists a number of his other characteristics ( such as The Core, Hustle and Flow, and The New Guy. Moreover, he had a part in the 2009 comedy-drama, Last Day of Summer.

Qualls appeared in other TV shows such as CSI, Breaking Bad, Lost, also The Big Bang Theory. Five decades past, he also secured a part in The Man in The High Castle. The Amazon Prime series investigates the notion about what would have happened had the Germans defeated the allied forces during World War II.

Qualls has found employment in some other show and videos also, including for Britney Spears’ “Boys,” and “I’m Just A Kid,” from Simple Plan. DJ Qualls had a little part in the zombie-apocalyptic TV program, Z-Nation, that was canceled last year.


During a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, DJ Qualls discussed what his childhood was like, saying when he was growing up, he had been bullied relentlessly by other children at school. It was therefore he decided to star in The New Guy, in addition to this “crapload” of money he had been compensated for its lead.

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