Taking Both Cats to the Vet & Update on Beau’s PU Surgery 2 Years Later


Hello everybody! I’m hoping you all had a superb begin to your new 12 months and that you simply’re both settled in or virtually settled into your routines and schedules.

I do know issues have been a little bit of a hurricane within the Pets Overload household, which explains the shortage of posts, however since I’ve as we speak off I believed I’d provide you with a correct fill-in on our lives. 

As a few of you might know (from our Twitter account), the Pets Overload household is planning on transferring nations in 2021 so in preparation for that, we’ve been getting all of our paperwork began and have been scheduling vet visits to make sure that our immigration might be easy subsequent 12 months. 

Oddly sufficient, as we began planning to get our cat’s their pictures, Beau began displaying indicators of a PU Surgery complication, so our stars had been aligning. 

As you might already know, since Beau’s PU Surgery we moved fairly removed from our most popular vet, inflicting us to go to vets who’ve handled Beau… effectively, subpar. So, we made it a day journey to go to our most popular vet this weekend as we would like all of our paperwork we’re going to make use of to journey to be executed by the identical vet. 


As I’m certain you’ve heard time and time once more, Beau is a creature of behavior. While Beau’s routines change based mostly on the season or whether or not or not somebody is sick, Beau’s routines keep pretty constant for not less than a month.

Beau began this new routine this previous month the place he would come out of the litter field, clear himself for a little bit bit, leap on his hutch and meow loudly. Now, the meow that Beau would use didn’t sound like he was in ache, however oddly it sounded much like the yowl he makes when he needs Kalista to play with him.

At first, I believed Beau was meowing to let me know that the cabinets he wanted to leap on to get to his hutch weren’t very safe. So, I gave Beau extra choices to leap on akin to a chair, however nonetheless, he would let loose a few meows when he reached the highest of the hutch. Clearly one thing was incorrect, or not less than up.

As is with all issues Beau, as quickly as something appears to be going incorrect we verify to see if he has a urinary tract an infection. Luckily the previous few months we’ve got been utilizing Pretty Litter, so we all know that Beau’s bladder is pH balanced, however nonetheless, his incision website appeared a bit bizarre. So, off to the vet, we had been!

Photo from: Why Do Cats Sleep with Their Eyes Open? Should I Be Worried?


Beau has by no means actually favored his service, particularly due to the entire unfavorable occasions that occurred in 2017 and for the reason that cats don’t go away the home typically, we don’t have the chance to construct extra constructive experiences with them. My accomplice and I’ve been speaking concerning the methods we wish to interact our cats in additional fulfilling service experiences, however haven’t had the chance but.

Kalista, then again, loves her service. There’s nothing that makes her happier than plopping herself down into her service. My accomplice was shocked that as quickly as I positioned the service down, Kalista jumped into it and began sleeping. What a dream cat, eh?

Driving with the cats was fairly good, though I by no means had a problem with Beau. It was Walker who was chatty for automobile rides, however each Kalista and Beau had been quiet. 


Upon arriving on the vet we came upon that our most popular vet not works on the clinic and neither do the vast majority of the staff members who labored on Beau’s surgical procedure. I used to be truly a bit shocked to listen to that since their web site nonetheless says they work there, however generally I overlook web sites don’t all the time get up to date. 

Either method, the brand new vet staff appears fabulous, although a bit much less punctual. We had been let into the examination room late and waited in there for some time. So, whereas we waited we thought we’d let the cats out to see how they’d do.

Kalista was completely satisfied to leap out of her service and begin exploring. She needed to see what was on the pc and odor every little thing in sight. There was nothing Kalista needed greater than to leap off the medical desk, however as quickly as we noticed her get too excitable, we lead her again to her service. The cute factor was, she was simply as excited to leap into her service as she was to leap out. Adorable, eh?

Beau, then again, wasn’t the happiest on the vet. He was effective with sitting alone within the nook by the window, which he would do virtually each vet go to. Beau would typically shiver by the window and whereas he felt protected there, from time to time you might see his cute self shiver. 

The factor is, after some time, Beau bought used to our outdated vet techs and vets, so he would fortunately come out of his service and cuddle with them. We actually began lacking our outdated staff, although we had been extremely fortunate to have them.

Beau shivered a few occasions by the window, so I instructed my accomplice to take Kalista out of her service and I put Beau subsequent to her. What are you aware? Beau was instantly effective, cuddling near his sister. Kalista began licking him as quickly as he settled down additional making Beau really feel protected. Awesome, eh?

The new vet who works on the clinic is fairly superior. He’s knowledgable about PU Surgeries and was capable of make our cats snug sufficient to get totally examined. Neither of our cats had been scared or hissed on the new vet, which is A+ in my books, which leads me to the outcomes of the go to.

Photo from: Are Cats Autistic? Can Cats Have Autism?


After conducting an ultrasound it looks like Beau has lots of particles in his bladder. Now, having some particles within the bladder isn’t unusual for a cat who has undergone a perineal urethrostomy, particularly as a result of cats have tough tongues that accumulate grime and particles whereas they clear themselves.

While lots of the grime and particles will come out by way of the method of urination, it’s unsure how lengthy it should take to filter out the particles. The different fear is that Beau will, or at present has a urinary tract an infection, so the vet beneficial some exams be executed.

Beau additionally had some dermatitis on his incision website, possible resulting from extreme licking or scalding from urination. So, the vet beneficial we give Beau some antibiotics for dermatitis at a minimal.  

The vet isn’t overly involved concerning the quantity of particles in Beau’s bladder, although he needs us to be sure that he’s peeing frequently and dependant on the outcomes of the exams he might need to verify Beau’s urethra.

A giant concern for cats who’ve undergone a PU Surgery is the sealing of the factitious urethra, and whereas Beau is peeing quite a bit, it doesn’t imply that every little thing is okay. At this level, the vet has no suspicion that that is true for Beau, nevertheless, he mentioned after monitoring the particles in Beau’s bladder he’ll make the decision. 

I requested him what the reason for the particles may very well be and if there’s something I might to additional assist the state of affairs and he responded that there’s not a lot we are able to do. Keep a tidy residence, be certain that Beau isn’t licking his incision website an excessive amount of and that’s about it. Cats might be cats and grime might be grime, it occurs and at this level, Beau has outlived the “danger-zone” years.

Beau was despatched residence with a spherical of antibiotics and we nonetheless haven’t obtained the results of the urinalysis. I’ll let you recognize once they come out. 


A couple of issues, I’m actually grateful that my cats are so bonded. It’s not solely one of many cutest issues ever, but it surely makes me assured that transferring isn’t going to throw a wrench in my cat’s lives. I perceive that transferring goes to be an enormous change for everybody, however there’s nothing stronger than my cat’s bond. 

As for Beau’s problems, I’m nonetheless a bit involved about particles being in Beau’s bladder. I’m not involved within the sense that I feel we’d like a second opinion, however I feel it’s my accountability to be sure that I attempt to cut back the prospect of him getting particles in his urethra. 

As a lot of you recognize, we use World’s Best Cat Litter and whereas I completely adore it, I can’t assist however consider how excessive the prospect of a grain getting caught in Beau’s urethra is. Beau will squat carefully to the litter whereas peeing generally, so it’s utterly believable. To cut back that danger, I feel I’m going to modify over to a non-clumping litter. I simply need to see if that reduces the probabilities, particularly as a result of my cats don’t appear to thoughts adjustments of their litter. 

I’ll let you recognize if that helps, however in fact, I gained’t know for some time. 

Oh, a really cute factor began taking place! Like many cats, Beau isn’t keen on taking drugs, so the primary two drugs had been very tough to get him to take. Since we feed Beau instantly after giving him a tablet it looks like he realized he was getting rewarded for taking his drugs and now swallows the drugs instantly as an alternative of spitting them out. We’ve tried this earlier than with Beau and by no means did it occur, however lo and behold you possibly can educate a brand new canine new methods… err… cat.

Otherwise, Beau has been fabulous and I hope yours have been too! Sending you all my love and once more Happy New Year!

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