Selena Gomez Squeals Over a Box of Mealworms on The Tonight Show, Like One Should


On Monday night, Selena Gomez engaged in the Tonight Show sport which often haunts my nightmares: “Can You Feel It?” The 27-year old singer stopped by to promote her new album Rare, and similar to her final trip, host Jimmy Fallon roped her to a different action with some not-so-fun surprises. Luckily, he performed alongside her to keep things honest.

Although Selena made it through one of those rounds readily by touching a fuzzy teddy bear, my skin was crawling when she had to stick her hands in a box filled with mealworms. Sorry, but no thank you, nuh-uh, no sir. She’s a better game than that, nevertheless, and appeared to have fun when everything was said and done. Jimmy sure knows how to maintain his guests on their feet! Watch that the complete video over and try not to gasp as she Jimmy venture to containers that are unknown. We texture for them.

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Jenna Ross


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