Sources Claim Meghan McCain Is Creating ‘Toxic’ Work Environment At The View


Abby Hunstman demonstrated earlier that week that she had been departing from The View to assist Jon Huntsman Junior, who is working on his Utah gubernatorial campaign. With that stated, but additional reports have suggested that there are various motives for why she left, one of those being Meghan McCain.

A source who talked with colleagues from Page Six maintained that McCain was producing a “h*llish work environment,” which a lot of the crew and cast members find very distasteful. Reportedly, another hosts on the show possess “lost patience” using McCain, and a couple of them no more talk to her .

The socket claims Huntsman is merely one of the hosts that is not that interested in Meghan’s remarks and behaviour anymore. Other insiders have promised Whoopi Goldberg has complained about the work environment, but executives have not done anything yet.

An insider who talked to the socket added, “none of the ladies talk to Meghan now,” additionally adding that Abby was one of the past to give up. The same esoteric clarified Meghan as “so rude.” Ironically, Meghan has stated on the show repeatedly that the other girls are excellent buddies.

Ashley Mitchell reported earlier this month which Meghan has been “creating a lot of strain” from the working atmosphere. Sources have said that it had been possible Meghan was contemplating a death from The View, however other insiders claim it is not the situation.

Reportedly, Meghan often disagrees with another girls on The View, however she does not have any intention of leaving anytime soon. The source said Meghan is quite good at managing conflicts and disputes, and the strain does not get to her considerably.

An insider who talked with the socket, HollywoodLife, asserted that although she and another girls on the show do not necessarily agree or get together, the word “hate” is a bit much to describe how they feel about each other.


Fans of The View understand Meghan McCain is the daughter of the late John McCain. Meghan was criticized for bringing her father’s name a bit too much sometimes.

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