Uncovering that the New "Her" Mystery on This Is Us: Who Is Kevin's Fiancée at the Flash-Forward?


The imagining game really never finishes on This Is Us. After giving us a few answers about Rebecca from the flash-forward, the season three finale opens a completely different can of worms with the sin which Kevin is currently a dad. As Randall sits at the kitchen Beth and adult Tess, a miniature Kevin could be seen walking around the house looking at his phone. While the young boy informs “uncle Randall” his dad stepped out for takeout for everyone, there’s absolutely no mention or sight of his mom.

However, at the summer four midseason finale, we know Kevin is engaged as he sees his 40th birthday. Meaning which Kevin just may be wed in the flash-forward. Naturally, we’ve got a great deal of questions relating to this brand new “her” puzzle ) Does Kevin reunite with one of his previous loves or would be the mother of his kid someone new, such as the newly introduced veteran Cassidy? Let’s split down it.

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Jenna Ross


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