Celebrities Who Are Mayweather Haters

It is unclear exactly when problems between TI and Floyd Mayweather originated, however sources say they have been ongoing for a length of time. Apparently TI had an issue with the attention that Mayweather was giving his Wife “Tiny”, ultimately leading him to swing on Mayweather in a Vegas Casino which escalated into a full out riot! TI and Mayweather have been taking shots at each other ever since as can be seen in the clip below

Ronda Rousey – UFC Women’s Champion, Dana White – UFC CEO

Mayweather obviously has a biased towards boxing and has mentioned on numerous occasions that boxing requires more skill than the UFC. An outraged Dana White went as far to claim that the female UFC champion Ronda Rousey could easily defeat him in an MMA fight.

When asked what he thought about the challenge; Mayweather stated “I know even know who he is..” inciting laughter during the interview and apparently taking a stab at Rousey being butch.

50 Cent – Hip Hop Artist

A short time ago 50 Cent and Mayweather were inseparable, you would see these two together everywhere. They have since had a falling out and have been repeatedly taking shots at each other ever since. The most famous example likely being 50 Cent’s ALS Ice Bucket challenge claiming that Mayweather can’t read.

Mayweathers’ Response:

Touché Mayweather Touché…


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