If you are a fantastic parent, then you devote a great deal of time together with your kids. You also take part in plenty of actions geared toward children. One popular pastime is watching films. And while some child movies are very good, others make you want to poke out your eyes. Have a look at some humorous tweets parents have written about watching films with their children…

Now’s Parents Worry Films Could Cause Childhood Trauma

Children who grew up in the’80s watched all kinds of animated movies and TV shows. Many parents supposed the programming was adequate and did not fret too much so long as it had been aimed towards kids. Attitudes have changed. Nowadays, parents frequently watch animated apps with their children and are occasionally turned off from the content.

Recall when Bambi’s mom died at the start of the film? Parents of’80s children did not fret overly much about it. Parents these days are fearful their small snowflakes might be scarred from the spectacle and it will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Children Today Get Immediate Access To Their Favourite Movies


Years ago, children who did not see their favourite film in the theater had to wait around for what seemed like forever until the movie has been released on VHS. Following months of anticipation, they’d eagerly go with their parents to let the film (and possibly buy some candy in the counter also ).

Nowadays, films go from theatre to Netflix a whole lot faster. In reality, in case you’ve got a little bit of technological know-how you can frequently stream the film illegally while it is still in theatres. Although the majority of individuals do not do it, some do, though it’s problematic that a toddler gets the ability.

One small girl compared her mother to Cinderella for all of the wrong reasons.

Children Like Comparing Their Parents To Animated Characters

Kids say the darnedest things. Just once you think that they’re going to praise you for something or provide you a cocktail, they flip it around and say something totally opposite. This parent has a girl that recently observed Cinderella. She tells her mother she would enjoy the film because she is like the principal personality.

No, it is not because her mother is amazing. It is since she cleans a whole lot, just like Cinderella. It is amusing, but it’s also quite poignant. Most mothers do wash a whole lot, and that is because their children can be so cluttered. Hopefully their wives realize their mothers can be coordinated and fairly at precisely the exact same moment.

Children’ Taste In Films Can Be Questionable

Many parents must see children’s movies instead of grownup choices since they would like to make their children contented. However, not all children’ movies are great. Some are downright dreadful. However, many times children will love a movie which their parents dislike.

This mother is very disturbed that her kid is like lover of The Smurfs film. Though she can be embarrassed by her child’s pleasure, the child is clearly nonplussed. Various strokes for different people.