With so many different political views, leadership methods and opinions on how the world should be run, sadly war is pretty much inevitable. But not all wars are world wars that last for years. In fact, here are 10 of the shortest wars in history, and what people were fighting over!

10. Falklands War

Duration: 42 days
Year: 1982
Countries: Argentina vs. Great Britain
Result: British Won

Though the Falkland Islands sit in waters far closer to Argentina than to the U.K., they have long belonged to the Brits. When Argentina decided to take back what they believed was theirs, in March 1982, they brought upon themselves the wrath of the British military and their invasion lasted little over a month. On June 14th, they pulled back to the mainland and have never tried anything since.

9. Polish-Lithuanian War

Duration: 37 days
Year: 1920
Countries: Second Polish Republic vs. Lithuania
Result: Polish Won

The war between Poland and Lithuania was much like two siblings squabbling over a toy. The Poles wanted three cities, Augustów, Vilnius, and Suwaki, but the Lithuanians weren’t willing to give them up. Just over a month of fighting ended in a victory for the Polish. 

8. Second Balkan War

Duration: 32 Days
Year: 1913
Countries: Bulgaria vs. Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Ottoman Empire
Result: Bulgaria Lost

The First Balkan war saw Serbia and Greece side with Bulgaria against the Ottoman Empire. But when Serbia began to grow more and more powerful with support from Russia, Bulgaria began to fear being taken over and the Second Balkan war began. The Bulgarians lost to their former allies and a tension ensued that in the end brought about World War I!

7. Greco-Turkish War

Duration: 30 days
Year: 1897
Countries: Greece vs. Ottoman Empire
Result: The Empire Won

At the peak of its power, the Ottoman Empire was an impressive thing. Under its thumb was the Grecian-inhabited isle of Crete. In 1986, the Cretans decided enough was enough and attempted to fight their way out from the Empire. The Greek military jumped in to help but were defeated. However, later on Crete was eventually made an international protectorate of Greece.

6. Sino-Vietnamese War

Duration: 27 days
Year: 1979
Countries: China vs. Vietnam
Result: A Draw…Sort Of

Border disputes between China and Vietnam are still going on today but one of the most notable wars in history was in 1979. At the time, South East Asia was a mess with a genocidal Communist regime bringing death and destruction to Cambodia, China warring with the northern Vietnamese, and civil war between Vietnam’s north and south. The Chinese eventually pulled out claiming victory, but so did the Vietnamese…confused? Us too. Both countries played a part in rescuing Cambodia from the villainous Pol Pot but left the door wide open for yet another infamous leader, Hun Sen, one which claims to rule with democracy yet has magically remained in power for almost 40 years.

5. Georgian-Armenian War

Duration: 24 days
Year: 1918
Countries: Georgia vs. Armenia
Result: An Agreement to Mutually Rule

Another border clash was that of Georgia and Armenia. Both relatively small countries, they spent the better part of a month fighting over a number of key bordering regions. In the end, they decided to join each other and rule the areas together.

4. Serbo-Bulgarian War

Duration: 14 days
Year: 1885
Countries: Serbia vs. Bulgaria
Result: Bulgaria Won

It took just two weeks for Bulgaria to finally defeat its neighboring Serbia. The result of the mini-war was a long-lasting peace treaty that brought unification and peace to the region.

3. Indo-Pakistani War

Duration: 13 days
Year: 1971
Countries: India vs. Pakistan
Result: Bangladesh Won Independence

In the final ending of a lengthy dispute, India came up to support East Pakistan against the rest of the Pakistani nation. This was brought about independence for East Pakistan which is known today as Bangladesh.

2. 6-Day War

Duration: 6 days
Year: 1967
Countries: Israel vs. Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq
Result: Israel Won

Nobody’s quite sure how the tiny nation of Israel has managed to remain despite being surrounded by its enemies. In 1967, Egypt launched an attack on Israel, deploying 100,000 troops and 1000 tanks. It even attempted to cut off supplies to Israel via sea. But Israel leaped into action and after less than a full week, the Israeli’s had left the Arabs in the dust.

1. Anglo-Zanzibar War

Duration: 45 minutes
Year: 1896
Countries: British Empire vs. Zanzibar
Result: British Won

That’s right, this is the shortest was ever recorded and took less than an hour. In 1896, the sultan of Zanzibar passed away and left the throne empty. His nephew pulled off a coup d’état but the British had their own plans for the throne. With the strength of the British military against him, the sultan’s nephew was crushed and the Empire’s pick became the new sultan.

We tend to think of wars as long, drawn out, bloody affairs, when in actual fact many of them are over pretty quick. Was this article over too quick for you? Not to worry, we’ve got much more for you here on PeekWorthy!